Social Media’s Impact on Public Relations Goals

Use social media platforms strategically to boost engagement and achieve public relations goals. This tool can help transform branding, spark interest, and drive your traffic.

One of the primary objectives of maintaining a positive public image is to achieve various branding-related goals. Public relations strategies have to do with creating and maintaining this image, whether it be for an individual or a company. In some instances, the objective is to have effective public relations as it relates to a product brand. Social media platforms have been useful in this area and have transformed how you can keep up with imaging daily.

According to Forbes, you should be concerned with public relations for another reason, as well. This is how you build a solid reputation. For some, this is seen through the number of likes they gather on social media. For other businesses and organizations, the impact is seen through productivity and revenue throughout a given month.

The way that a company or its brand communicates does play a big role in its reputation. By association, public relations strategies can either make or break this process. It’s not just important to know what’s trending in an industry or field. You must engage with followers, friends, and even other influencers with the tools that you use. These are beneficial especially if you hope to be seen as an authority in a certain area or to promote products and services effectively.

Harmonize Public Relations and Sales

Forbes points out that public relations and sales are not synonymous. It is the business owner or marketing team’s job to harmonize these campaigns. Walking and chewing gum here are great practices to compare for what is needed. Since this process alone cannot be counted on to bring traffic your way, it is important to tailor sales and marketing to coincide with your branding. Social media platforms, like Instagram, allow you to do both of these at the same time.

Pay Attention to Social Media

A recent Entrepreneur article, looked at the process journalists follow when covering stories about specific brands or companies. One of the first steps in their process is to check out what the social media footprint is like. In fact, 61% of these journalists say they look at brand profiles on platforms, such as Twitter before writing a story. Here are some of the things about companies they are looking for:

* Up-to-Date Posts

* Relevant Mentions

* Background Information

Many journalists and copywriters will consider whether CEOs and Presidents have a presence on social media. The brand and logo aren’t the only faces associated with company products and services. Paying close attention to what your social media profiles say about you is a key part of public relations.

Consider the Brand’s Future

It is essential to think about the brand’s future when it comes to public relations. If this product or service is going to last, it needs to have a good reputation. Entrepreneur refers to this as having brand integrity, which has to be built from top to bottom. Social media tools are beneficial in this process because you get to share stories with your followers. It’s like involving them in the entire lifecycle of a product or brand. This bit-by-bit process works to establish a brand in its industry but to also build a profitable following.

Set Your Public Relations Goals

Often companies that have been around for a while are associated with strategic public relations goals. This is not always the case, however, when it comes to building effective relationships with customers. Trends have shown that you don’t have to be seasoned in any market or field to achieve success. Most cases of this can be seen on and through social media. Setting goals in the short term and for the long term is paramount.

Use Tools Creatively

Inc. refers to social media as a sort of public relations platform tool. There are many ways to achieve the same goal but creativity matters. This source relates social media as the primary location for launching business, brand, and celebrity public relations processes. Two tips pointed out by Inc. are the importance of finding influencers and determining who the competition is on the platforms you use. Being creative in what you post, how you post, and when you post is a part of the strategy focuses.


The way that a company or its brand communicates plays a big role in its reputation, and social media is the preeminent platform to do so.  If you need help to establish or improve your brands communications and or reputation, contact Bellevue Public Relations today for a free consultation.