Creating an effective call to action strategy can be very profitable.

A call to action is your opportunity to convert a lead into a sale. As a result, it’s an important part of your advertising and marketing plan. A call-to-action is critical to success in email marketing campaigns, advertising, and landing sites, and a poor call-to-action can cause well-crafted material to fall short.

Creating the ideal call to actions for your website can be difficult. In this article, you’ll learn more on what exactly a call to action is.  We will take a look at some examples, how to write a call to action and some ideal phrases to use.

What is the definition of a call to action?

A call to action is an advertising word that refers to any design that is intended to elicit an instant reaction or sale. CTAs might take the form of graphical images, words, online content signage, marketing campaigns, and so forth. “Oh, since you enjoy this, here’s how you can participate in it,” it tells readers of that blogpost, ad copy, or ad film. Call to action statements instruct the reader on how to purchase what you’re selling.

Blog entries, web pages, landing sites, copy, email marketing, online bios, and other places can all benefit from a CTA. Call to action posts on social media have recently gained in popularity.

It’s safe to say that most people agree on what a call to action should accomplish: sales, conversions, sign-ups, and subscriptions. It’s time to go back to the drawing board and create a better CTA if your calls to action aren’t getting consumers to buy your product or service, sign up for your platform, or achieve your goals.

So here’s the next question: How do you write a call to action?

To begin, there are a few fundamentals to consider:

A call to action isn’t a long, wordy speech; it’s only 2-10 words long. Keep things simple, concise, and to the point.

A call to action is issued: The viewer must take action as a result of your CTA. Because you want your reader to take action, your CTA should include a verb (for example, “download,” “get,” “find,” or “speak”).

Make it stand out: Advertisements, website calls to action, and call to action buttons should stand out from the rest of your content’s language, style, or layout. It’s entirely up to you where you position your call to action button or call to action ads, although experts suggest that placing it above the fold is more successful. This eliminates the need for your website visitor to scroll down to see the CTA.

In general, when it comes to CTA marketing, lace the word(s) or phrase(s) with an essential mood, such as a pseudo-commanding tone, such as “Click to join,” or “Start now.” This basically shakes your undecided potential consumer off the fence.

Your reader should believe that this is a low-risk, high-value decision. As a result, persuasive writing and instilling a sense of urgency or FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is an effective call-to-action marketing strategy.

Call to action Examples

Let’s look at various call to action forms and slogans that you can utilize for inspiration.

Images with a Call to Action

A thousand words are worth a thousand pictures. That’s why many businesses, such as Square, use this format:

Remember how we talked about the necessity of maintaining everything above the fold when it comes to your advertising call to action? Square and MVMT have provided real examples above. From logging in to making a purchase, everything is accessible from the website.

Here’s another Netflix example:

Take note of the commanding tone: “Start,” “Watch anyplace.”

Here’s another example of a call to action:

AVG kept things straightforward. The business produced its call to action stand out by keeping everything above the fold. Take a closer look; it claims that you may download the AVG antivirus program for “FREE” by simply clicking on the green button, despite the fact that you’ll still have to pay for further protection for your PC. They centered their call-to-action on the freemium model of their program, which, although still an option, reduces the risk component that prevents most customers from contemplating paid subscriptions.

Graphics with CTAs

You may use vector graphics with more vivid images to execute your advertising call to action, depending on your company’s principles or ideology.

On the home page of their website, Zendesk, a renowned customer service software supplier, has a clean graphic style.

CTAs on social media/text

If you can fascinate a potential consumer with killer ad text and the best call to action language, your marketing talents as a copywriter or social networks director will come in helpful.

This Nemo Hornet 2P Tent advertisement offers a more subtle CTA with a touch of humour. It’s a terrific illustration of how calls to action on social media may be used more softly, aided by the content that surrounds them.

The Most Effective Call to Action Phrases and Words

Web and graphical designs, page layout, user interaction, and other aspects of digital advertising take a lot of time, effort, and money. As a result, the CTA button receives less attention than it deserves. It’s more than just a button or a link; it’s an expression and representation of the content of your ad copy. Incorporate some energy and imagination by selecting a term that is specific to your ad campaign.

Although finding a list of the best call-to-action terms is a long shot, here are some call-to-action words and phrases that have shown to be effective. These could also be used as examples of call to action buttons:


To sum it up, paying greater attention to your call to action will do wonders for your marketing campaign. The devil is in the details for most successful CTAs. Speak in a way that reflects your brand’s personality, be creative, be clear and succinct, utilize action verbs, and, if necessary, add a dash of smart humor, and voila! You’ll be ready to go in no time.

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